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Nic Jackson

Nic Jackson is a developer advocate at HashiCorp and the author of “Building Microservices in Go” a book which examines the best patterns and practices for building microservices with the Go programming language.

Additionally, Nic is the author of Service Mesh Patterns, a book that looks at patterns and operational best practices to help you deploy and use service meshes in a way that meets your company's goals and needs.

Principal Developer Advocate at HashiCorp

A Developers Guide to Managing Infrastructure

Session Type: 30 Minute Session

Year on year, developers are taking more responsibility for managing their applications infrastructure. Thankfully advances in cloud products have dramatically simplified this task by providing preconfigured managed resources that we can leverage. However, even with managed resources, you must take a measured and sustainable approach to your infrastructure to ensure consistency and reproducibility.

In this talk, you will learn how managing infrastructure is very similar to your workflow for writing code. Using the popular open-source tool Terraform, you will discover two different approaches: a configuration-based approach using Terraform's domain-specific language and a code-based approach using the Terraform CDK and your programming language of choice, such as Python, Typescript, Go, or C#. We will look at the pros and cons of each approach and a continuous integration workflow for applying GitOps principles to infrastructure code.

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