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Covid PolicyTechMids Conf Covid policy

TechMids Conf is an inclusive event to celebrate and explore the great technical talent across the region, so we don’t want you spending the day anxious about covid, we want you to be having fun!

To ensure the event is as safe as possible for all in attendance we are taking the following precautions and ask that you help us by cooperating with them.

Before the event

We ask you to take a lateral flow test prior to attending the event

While we are not requiring proof of negative lateral flow at the event we kindly ask that you take a test before attending the event.

Lateral flow tests can be ordered online from most pharmacies.

We thank you in advance for being respectful about peoples choices around their social distancing requirements.

Throughout the conference

It is not a socially distanced conference so there is no requirement for you to keep your distance from your friends, but please be respectful of others who may want to keep their distance. Face mask wearing will be optional, depending on your comfort levels. We strongly encourage mask wearing during the event.