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Becky Pauley

Working as a primary school teacher, I started learning Python in my spare time - and got hooked on the feeling of solving problems.A year and a half ago, I finally made the leap from teaching into tech!I’ ve since worked as a Platform Engineer and joined Jetstack at the start of this year to focus on Kubernetes and Cloud Native technologies.As well as all things infrastructure, I’ m passionate about ways of working, learning and culture.

Cloud Engineer at Jetstack

Lost in the clouds: shifting to DevOps

Session Type: 30 Minute Session

The best ideas come from conversations: How do I get better at‘ DevOps’ in my engineering team ? How do I move from software engineering to Cloud and Platform roles ?

This is a talk about those conversations - from my own experiences jumping from teaching to tech, and those of experienced engineers who’ ve made a move into Platform roles.

Things we’ ll talk about :

  • Where we’re going and why.
  • What’s the cheat sheet?
  • Technical knowledge and skills.
  • Advice from the future- what we wish we’d known before.
  • Birmingham Library
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