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Piper Bates

Previously a retail monkey turned illustrator, who took a leap of faith during the pandemic to change careers via School of Code. Now I work for Bamboo Auctions as a junior software engineer.

Front End Engineer at SteelBuy

Diversity in Tech - Why We Need More Bootcampers, and how to support them

Session Type: 5 Minute Ignite

I came into the industry as a bootcamper, and am now a year into the industry. I'll talk a little about my journey into tech, why we need more bootcampers in the industry, and how we can better support junior developers

Birmingham Library
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TechMids Conf is proud to be a part of Birmingham Tech Week 2022. Birmingham Tech Week is the UK's largest regional tech festival which brings together 5,000 tech professionals for a week of collaboration, inspiration and celebration.

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